It ended in disappointment, but the fact is, BCD's U14 talent Liam Wefing is a fighter.

 From Friday until Sunday afternoon, six teams from across the middle

and southern counties of Germany competed in the Talent mit Perspektive

tournament in Koblenz and we are proud to say that BCD was represented

superbly by Liam. He came off the bench in the first game and his first

three contributions were, a block, followed by an assist and a steel. It

was hard not to shout "Come on Darmstadt!"

Hessen won this first game against Mittle-Deutsche Auswahl by a

comfortable margin, with strong performances by Lucas Deetjen (Hofheim)

Nicklas Kitchens (Skyliners) Lennox Jeffries (Eintracht) and our own U14

PG, proudly wearing his blue BCD colours under his Hessen jersey.

Expectations were high for the next game against the Rheinland-Pfalz

Auswahl, but an accumulation of small mistakes meant that Hessen went

down to a surprise defeat.

The final game of the first day was against the tournament favourites,

Bavaria. With a strong, fast, and technically advanced team, Bavaria

would be hard to beat, but this is exactly the type of game Liam loves

to be in. Both teams traded baskets and were seperated by only two

points at half-time. Liam had established a great understanding with his

team mates as they battled hard to contain the Bavarians. Ultimately,

Hessen lost the closing game of the day, but the talk around the hall

was of the No.5 kid from Hessen with the glasses. What a fighter, Liam


Sunday morning saw Hessen up against the Süd-Deutsche Auswahl. Hessen

got off to a strong start but were pegged back as once again passes

didn't stick and shots rebounded out. The game was close all the way to

the end and was decided on the last play with the Süd-Deutsche Auswahl

taking the win by one point.

The weekend ended with the selection of 24 players from the 72 players

across 6 teams who had put on a feast of beasketball for a fortunate

crowd over two days.

 Sadly, BCD's Liam wasn't picked this time, although it certainly wasn't

for a lack of effort. For a player who has only been playing the game

for less than three years, Liam can be very proud of his progress. It's

always about progress and not perfection. He will come back from the

disappointment of not making the cut this time and we feel sorry for the

team that plays against BCD U14s next. Someone has a point to prove.

 A special mention: Liam and his family would like to say a huge thank

you to Sean Molvig for all his hard work and support. Without Sean, Liam

would not the player he is.



Hessenkader mit Liam, 2. von unten rechts






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